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Step Back In Time


Defiant Baker

Think of the most delicious cookies that graced your holiday tables, the mouthwatering blackberry pies on a hot summer day, or the strawberry shortcake that left you speechless while the sweetest berries ran down your chin, knowing that Grandma was coming over with something special for dessert. 


This is the Defiant Baker:  Creating and recreating these nostalgic and new experiences for you and whomever you dare share with.

Two Chefs Tosa. Defiant Baker. french silk pie

French Silk Pie

Brown Bag Apple Pie

Two Chefs Tosa. Defiant Baker. brown bag apple pie

Key Lime Pie

Two Chefs Tosa. Defiant Baker. key lime pie
Two Chefs Tosa. Defiant Baker. chocolate chunk pecan pie

Chocolate Chunk Pecan

Defiant Baker

Throughout my years, and past medical concerns, I have enhanced my Pastry vision to include delicious, healthy alternatives,  such as Gluten-Free, Vegan, and Sugar-Free Desserts and Cookies. 


I am more than happy to share my "Healthful" creations with You. 






Custom Craft
Sweets, Scratch Bakery, Handmade Pies, Cookies 

and so much more...

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